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andrea lynn
20 / San Diego
still YDG'N
I'm a wreck, I'm a mess, you're a stranger.

Angelina Krivi
Treated myself because fuck you

People who always brag and post about being vegan and always post pictures of their VEGAN pizzas, VEGAN cookies, VEGAN french toast, VEGAN donuts like holy shit we get it?????

3 days ago

Ugh does anyone else think that The Fault In Our Stars movie is going to be extremely cheesy?

I loved the book, but watching that cigarette metaphor scene last night made me have low expectations on how the movie will be. I don’t know if it’s because I think they chose awful actors to play Hazel & Gus or if it’s just awkward to have them act out these scenes or what but idk I found it cheesy and embarrassing to watch?

4 days ago
Anonymous: Your boyfriend smoked weed

You’re using past tense so yeah he has? I don’t see your point?

1 week ago