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andrea lynn
20 / San Diego
still YDG'N
I'm a wreck, I'm a mess, you're a stranger.
Anonymous: How good is it,when he hitting it from the back?

Nigga…. It’s great, the video proves it

1 day ago

It’s actually quite sad to see you embarrass yourself this much. Then again, it’s also quite hilarious because I’ve never seen anyone look so pathetic and be that proud of it lmao

2 days ago

Follow stormation

Do you even own any of your own flannels or are you just going to continue to wear my boyfriends because he left them at your house when he left your ass?????? Ur not pop punk honey and ur hashtags ain’t gunna prove it either bye

3 days ago
Anonymous: What's written in the book of me and you?

Wow this was deep as hell

5 days ago

Never liked kissing much until I felt your soul come through your lips just to greet mine once again.

1 week ago

I think you’re funny, I like your friends, I like the way they treat you