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andrea lynn
20 / San Diego
still YDG'N
I'm a wreck, I'm a mess, you're a stranger.
Anonymous: Make porn?

Only with u babe

4 hours ago

I love every inch of my boyfriend’s body and I’m extremely lucky to be able to see something as beautiful as him so exposed and to be honest I’ve never seen a more perfect human being in my life. I see no flaw or imperfection and to have the chance to trace his hips with my fingers or press my lips against his chest or run my tongue down his stomach is one hell of blessing.

4 hours ago
I only want this with you.
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1 day ago

Seahaven (by Eckstine)
Anonymous: The Amazon kindle of me and you

Alright Ryan this one was too good not to post

1 day ago
Grumpy ass bitch all up on me